About the Journal

Eurocontinentalism Journal – European Journal for Politics and Current affairs from a different perspective

”Eurocontinentalism Journal” was a journal inspired among others by three great journals from the Francophone world namely Eléments , La Spectacle du Monde and Causeur .
Our idea was to make an English language equivalent to those high quality journals albeit that never did come to fruition.
To put it simply – we have lacked funds from the beginning. That happened even though we got praise along wide spectrum of readers including academics, authors, writers, thinkers and philosophers. We have thought of making the printed issue of the journal which will now never happen.
Thank you kindly for visiting these pages which will stay online permanently as an archive for readers, authors, writers, students and academics.

Disclaimer – Users’ Contributions and information regarding authors, articles, etc. on this website:
The views and opinions expressed by the authors in the articles on the ”Eurocontinentalism Journal” and those providing comments are theirs alone, are not necessarily shared or reflect the opinions of the ”Eurocontinentalism Journal”or any other person or entity involved in creating, producing or delivering this Website and no such party shall be held liable for any statements made or content posted by authors and third parties.”Eurocontinentalism Journal” is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by authors and writers on this website.
References to books, software, websites etc. are specific suggestions only and do not necessarily constitute or imply an endorsement.
All content and information at ”Eurocontinentalism Journal” might be changed or updated without notice. ”Eurocontinentalism Journal” might also make changes or improvements at any time without notice. In addition, ”Eurocontinentalism Journal” website cannot be held responsible for the contents of any externally linked pages.

R.I.P ”Eurocontinentalism Journal” 2010 – 2013

All copyright by respective authors.


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